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Membership Chair - Lori Stockwell

I joined the club in January of 2017 and have had priceless fun with all my Vette people ever since.  

In April of 2016 I was in Oregon visiting my son and had left my husband unsupervised. I received a text saying I just bought this car with a picture of a C4. I wasn't surprised since he's been having mid-life crises for 20 years now. In November we were out and stumbled upon the most beautiful C7 ever so after acquiring our second in less than a year we joined the club.

I've loved Corvettes since I was 10 in 1976.  My mother babysat for a little boy and his dad would come pick him up in his 1975 C3.  I loved that car!

We've had so much fun and made amazing friends.  I'm so glad Jeff bought that first car.

  • Promote and assist in all HVCC social functions.
  • Set guidelines for club activities.
  • Create a checklist for social activities
  • Serve on the Board of Directors


Our club is proud to be an active member of the Michigan Region of The National Council of Corvette Clubs.