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   1965-2015           Celebrating 50 years and still Cruising

Our club is proud to be an active member of the Michigan Region of The National Council of   Corvette Clubs.

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President - Gary Ivan

  Gary fell in love with Corvettes as a kid, back when he sat in an early big block C3.  He bought his first Vette in 2005.   It was a silver '76 C3 coupe with a smoke interior.   He joined the club shortly thereafter.  2014 was a big year for Gary. He replaced his '76 with a 2008 C6 convertible and got married.

      Gary has served as Vice-President,  Governor and is currently serving his second term as President.  He and his wife, Barb enjoy all the events that the club has to offer, especially the road trips.

  • Presides over all meetings.
  • Act as representative to persons outside the club.
  • Establish committees and appoint chair persons.
  • Serves on Board of Directors.

Vice President - Gary McIntrye

Gary's interest in Corvettes started in the late 60's when he traded his '65 GTO for a '66 Corvette convertible (a car he wishes he had kept!).  After college, he purchased a new '85 coupe which had so many problems he swore off Corvettes for awhile.  His interest returned in 2011 with the purchase of a 2004 coupe. Since that time he has collected several more cars representing the C3, C4, and C5 generations.


Gary is a retired mechanical engineer having worked for several different divisions of Dow Chemical for a total of 43 years. He and his partner, Debi Hawes joined the club in 2014 and have enjoyed the many cruises and social events. 

  • Assumes duties of President in his absence.
  • Serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

 Secretary - Tim Terry

Tim and his wife Millie joined the Corvette Club in September 2014.  Having an interest in joining a club, they looked at several different ones and found the Huron Valley Club members to be very friendly and welcoming.

Tim’s interest in cars started at a very young age.  His father owned several classic cars.  One of Tim’s first cars was a 1968 Pontiac GTO.

He worked for Gordon Food Service in Management and Marketing for many years, retiring in 2010.

Tim and Millie have three sons, sadly none have an interest in cars. 

They currently own a 2006 C-6 yellow convertible, and enjoy the clubs dinner cruises, and other club activities.

  • Keeps official club meeting minutes.
  • Manages official correspondence of the club.
  • Serves on Board of Directors as Secretary.

 Treasurer - Ken Hartford

Ken’s interest in cars began at the ripe old age of 4 when his Dad built him a small, motorized car powered by a lawnmower engine. Ken and his wife Elizabeth joined the club in July, 2014 after moving to Brighton Township. Ken (Canadian, eh?) met his wife Elizabeth (American) on a blind date in 1989 and they have been cruising together ever since. They drive a 2003 Z06 and it is their 3rd Vette. Ken has drag raced at 3 tracks and was once E.T. champ at the former Windsor Dragway.

     Ken teaches accounting at St. Clair College. He attended a meeting of 8 people in 2003 at St. Clair College. Why is this noteworthy? One of the attendees was the Prime Minister of Canada! Wife Elizabeth is a recently retired nurse from Blue Cross. Son Kevin is a librarian/lecturer at Mt. Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia.

  • Acts as custodian of all club funds.
  • Keep records of monies collected and paid.
  • Submits a summary of Club financials at each regular monthly meeting.
  • File forms to IRS and State of Michigan as appropriate for taxes.
  • Serves on Board of Directors.

 Membership Chairman - Jerry Morgan

I have always loved the looks of a Corvette and hoped to own one someday, especially when I saw the Mako shark concept Corvette at the Henry Ford museum.

When I was in the Navy one of my friends ,had a Corvette and we would occasionally go for a drive in it. That made me want one even more. Then in 1968 the Tigers made it to the World Series and I made myself a promise that if they won I would buy a new 1968,  yellow convertible. Of course they won so I had to keep that promise.

It only took 45 years to do it though, and only because my friend and club member Tom Stoner let me drive his C6 convertible. After that it is all history.

With Tom's help I found my car at a dealership in Ohio. So I went to Underwood Chevy in Clinton and talked to the salesman and had the car in a few days.
August 1 was the day I picked my car up from the dealership and happened to be the same day as the Brecon Village mini car show. Tom suggested that I stop by so that he could see my car, so I did and he surprised me with a birthday gift of my first years membership. Not only did I get my first Corvette that day but a lot of wonderful new friends.

  • Report on membership in monthly meetings.
  • Meet and introduce new guests and Members.
  • Hand out membership card and club material to all new Members.
  • Retention of membership (follow up on members who do not renew)
  • Serve on the Board of Directors.

 Officer at Large -Steve Sinclair

As many of us fell in love with the first Corvette many years before they were able to purchase one. My dream started in Chelsea Mi. at 13 years old! Many years passed until I felt the need to act on my own urge to get one of my own! Thanks to our own HVCC member Herb Helfen who let me drive his 2000 FRC  to the track to watch my son track his Subaru STI at Gingerman. During the drive I started thinking how much fun is this?

My mind was already processing how to afford and move money around and pick up my first Corvette a C4 in Red! Is there any other color?  After 6 years of rolling with my C4 I found a 2003 50 Anniversary Millennium Yellow Roadster that I currently enjoy!

I've come a long way since my dream of a Stingray Roadster was ignited in Chelsea. Some day maybe a Little C7 something? We all still have our dreams. Enjoying the ride together with the HVCC.

  • Fills vacancy of any absentee officer as needed.
  • Serves on Board of Directors.

 Governor - John McMullen

John has lived in Washtenaw County all his life. In 1978 he married his wife Laura. They have two sons named Ryan and Matthew.
      In 1979 he joined the Huron Valley Corvette Club after buying a 1971 Stingray. He sold that car 2 years later. After many years he rejoined the club after he purchased his 2008 C6 in 2011.
      He retired in 2012 from Milan Federal Prison. He currently works part time for Washtenaw County Sheriff's office.
  • Act as club representative at NCCC meetings and report back to club.
  • Serves on Board of Directors.

 Communications Director- Mike Cipolla

       Mike and his wife Dana joined the club in 2013. They live in Dexter. They moved to Michigan in 2007 from North Carolina. Dana is a professor at the University of Michigan, School of Public Health. Mike & Dana have two boys named Paul & Luke. The boys love cruising to ice cream in the summer months.They are forced to take turns as to which one gets to go each week.
       They have a 1967 427/435 hp coupe. They quickly discovered that the club was a wonderful fit for them. The dinner cruises and car shows are their favorites. Mike enjoys learning about the old corvettes and is constantly looking to improve their car. They have had it judged by National Corvette Restorers' Society (NCRS) where it received the Top Flight Award both times.
       In 2013, Mike took over the job of running the clubs website. He enjoys sharing the club's events and happenings with others.

  • Assemble, edit, publish, and upload to the HVCC website, the official club website, ( for access by the membership and public.
  • Maintain club member list and publish to Membership Chair
  • Publish any other communications on the website as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Serve on the Board of Directors.Keep records of membership and introduces new members and guests.

Social Chairman - Lloyd Little

I've loved corvettes all my life, the first one I ever drove, was a 1978 Indy pace car that was owned by my uncle, I've got extensive experience in the automotive industry, including building trucks for General Motors, I also have experience in various forms of racing.
I started dating Lori Summerlin in 2015, we bought our first corvette in May of 2016, a 2002 pewter c5 coupe named Penny, we joined the club in June and look forward to many years being a part of this great club.
  • Promote and assist in all HVCC social functions.
  • Set guidelines for club activities.
  • Create a checklist for social activities
  • Serve on the Board of Directors

Past President & Parliamentarian

John and his wife Pam joined the club in 2004 and they live in Saline.

A life long passion for Corvettes starting in 1960 with a Schwinn Corvette bicycle, I am on my 5th Corvette, a 2010 ZR1 and is by far, my favorite!

We enjoy all of the club activities and especially all of the great folks in this club!

  • Advisor to the President regarding conduct of any meeting.
  • Chairperson of the By-Laws committee.
  • Serve on the Board of Directors.